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Want to know more about Viktor Vetika? He’s one of the main characters in the comic book Keepers of the Orb.

Whoever the orb deems worthy will possess it. The orb is fickle that way. But why choose Viktor Vetika? Find out why everyone wants the orb and why the orb chose Viktor. Order a copy today

In issue #1 Phil Foulda, a cemetery caretaker, who is endowed a magical orb from a corpse and a mission to get the orb to the corpse’s grandson, Viktor Vetika. Phil is chased by walking corpses now that he carriers the Orb.

In issue #2 Phil Foulda has finally found Viktor Vetika in an insane asylum and gives him the magical orb to become a keeper. With unanswered questions, walking corpses find Phil with Viktor. Phil takes Viktor with him to escape. The seek refuge in a venue that is holding an all day heavy metal show and Viktor asks the owner for an escape route. The owner, an old friend of Viktor’s, shows him the back door which leads them to new trouble. 



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