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Want to know more about Viktor Vetika? He’s one of the main characters in the comic book UNITED FORCES.

A comic book crafted by Gary Dufner and Phil Avelli. Whoever the orb deems worthy will possess it. The orb is fickle that way. But why choose Viktor Vetika? Find out why everyone wants the orb and why the orb chose Viktor. Order a copy today

In issue #1 Vetika is sprung out of the insane asylum by his new friend Phil Foulder and they are being chased by zombies which leads them into a dead end. 

In issue #2 Vetika and Phil bust into a venue that Vetika has played at numerous times and are helped by a famous musician which leads them into new trouble.

Test footage of the next music video to be released titled “Overturned” is below.



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